Telegram announces group video calls with up to 1,000 viewers

The messaging service Telegram has announced numerous new features for users of its platform. Among them, the possibility of having up to 1,000 spectators in group video calls.

With the Updates, up to 30 users will be able to stream videos from both their devices' cameras and their screen, and up to 1,000 people will be able to follow the call live simultaneously.

"We will continue to increase this limit until all humans on Earth can join a group call and watch us sing to the zip line in celebration (coming soon)," the company said in a moody manner in announcing the new feature on its blog.
Video messages also receive improvements: they will have a higher resolution and can be expanded. What's more, when you record them, the device's audio will still play, "so now you can sing your favorite songs or respond without pausing your podcast." In addition, the app will allow you to zoom in on the image when recording with the phone's rear camera.

Logo de Telegram - Sputnik Mundo, 1920, 27.04.2021
Now, in Telegram, it is also possible to share the screen in calls 1 to 1, which can include the sound of the device when transmitting in any video call.

The application will also allow you to automatically delete messages from any conversation after a month. Previously, there was only the option to delete chats after a day or a week.

Telegram has also refined the drawing functions to illustrate and decorate photos and videos. The app also made changes to some details of its design.