Tips and guide to buy an Android TV Box in 2021

It's time to give your old TV some more life. If you want it to leap to the new generation, you only need an Android TV Box to turn your old TV into a Smart TV. If you don't know what we're talking about, just keep reading.

If you want to turn your old TV into a Smart TV, you're in luck. Nowadays this can be done thanks to the Android TV Box. Maybe you don't know what we're talking about and that's why we're going to explain it to you.

This is one of the new options to improve your TVs or monitors. If you wanted to watch Youtube on TV, you can't do it at all.

Likewise, we are also going to recommend some of the best devices on the market so that you can access Android TV. But first, let's go with the explanations.

What are Android TV and Android TV Box?

Android TV is a version of the mobile operating system. But it's specially set up for TVs. It basically brings Android features to the big screen, letting us use the apps.

It has an intuitive system that will let us see the applications we have and allow us to access them. In addition, it supports features like 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.



It will allow you to enter the Google Play Store to download other apps you want to use. Not to mention that it includes Google's voice assistant. This way you can give orders to the television.

Android TV can come standard on certain brands of TVs. Some of these are Sony, Hisense, Sharp, or Philips, as you can see they are good brands. Now, in your case, it seems that you have television without this type of technology.

Then you need a device that lets you access this technology. This is what the Android TV Box is. Some artifacts that, through a cable with HDMI connection, can be connected to your TV.

Android TV Box 2018

They exist in different ways and models, but they all have the same type of connection. These "boxes" can make our old TV access services worthy of a Smart TV, such as the installation of applications.

You can also use the subscription services that you have contracted or of which you are a member. This way Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Disney Plus will be accessible. In fact, you'll be able to ask your device to let you watch a Netflix series by simply asking for it.

What should I look for when purchasing one?

Android TV Boxes, like all devices, have several important concepts that we must take into account. They are a series of features that the more we know, the better purchase we can make. We can divide them into three main ones:

Resolution.- It is one of the most important aspects because if you can withstand good resolutions, you better see the content you want. Today everyone holds 1,080 p and some up to 4K. The more resolution you have, the better it will look. But keep in mind that this can influence the price.

Android TV Box

Connectivity.- Nowadays many of these devices can be connected to the internet via WiFi. It is interesting that an Android TV Box is compatible with the dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and that it has an Ethernet socket to connect it to the internet via cable.

Storage.- Not much is usually required since these devices work mostly with streaming platforms. But the normal thing is that they come with about 8 GB, although they can be found with more space.

These three concepts are what will define the quality of an Android TV Box. Obviously, we can also find several extras such as remote controls. But the main aspects of the device are those presented.

Types of Android TV Box

Android TV Boxes can be differentiated into two main types. There are actually some more, such as peripherals that include Android TV, but we prefer to leave the division into two main ones, namely:

Stick type.- These devices are quite simple. They usually have a small size and a not very long connector. They are pinned to a monitor connection and are usually hidden behind the monitor. They are the most humble in terms of capabilities.

They don't usually have a lot of internal memory, as well as more basic connectivity. They usually come with control and are usually especially cheap. They are the best option for those who want to use basic applications and music services or series.

Box type.- "Box"-shaped devices are more complex machines. They tend to have superior capabilities in terms of resolution and storage. They can also have higher prices, although their cost is usually in line with what they offer.

Android TV

In both cases, they are connected by HDMI cable and we can link them to our mobiles or Google accounts. Setting them up is very simple since we only have to connect them to our home network and answer a series of questions.

Now, let's list a few models that will help you improve the life of your TV.

Android TV Box Vontar, very cheap with many extras

The Vontae X1 model is very complete. It has Android 10 and supports 4K resolution.

It also allows you to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney Plus. Of course, it lets you watch any other video platform without having to link your mobile.

Vonta X1 Android TV Box

In its version with the highest price, certain add-ons are included such as a remote control with an alphabetic keyboard or a remote control that includes the Google virtual assistant. They are an extra that adds comfort.

It also integrates Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and an SD card reader.

To connect other elements, as in the case of the webcam, this TV Box includes two USB ports in which to include a keyboard, a mouse, a controller, or a USB stick with more movies and series, and an Ethernet port to connect to the Internet by cable.

You can find all the extras by a few. Of course, you can get it for something less if you forget the alphabetic keyboard and the virtual assistant of Google.

Tanix TX3 Max, best viewed for less price

We are going with an apparatus with good technical virtues and it is also economical. This Smart TV Box has a technology that allows you to move smoothly with all kinds of content.

The gadget features 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 chip, and a five-core ARM Mail-450 graphics chip. Thanks to all this you can play 4K content without stops.

Tanix TX3 Max Android TV

By the way, that 16 GB of storage can be expanded per card. If you have a MicroSD to spare, you can expand up to 128 GB more.

It features Android version 9.0 and supports Bluetooth 4.0. It contains its own interface that allows you to see the applications with comfort.

As a detail, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and headphones. You can listen to music or play with more comfort and immersion thanks to them.

It can be found at a modest price. It is a great price for a box that guarantees us the 4K with such powerful guts.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, great quality for less than 50 euros

This brand is well known for making good and affordable devices. This is yet another example of their business models.

It brings us an Android TV Box with access to all the applications of the Play Store. We will be able to use any of our streaming services or play games without a problem.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

It also includes Google Cast or Chromecast technology, so you can send video from your mobile to your TV without a problem. Whether it's Google or Android TV, you'll be able to do everything, since you choose.

It brings with its remote control, although, with the Google Assistant, which you can use thanks to the built-in microphone, you will hardly need it.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Supports 4K HDR at 60 FPS via HDMI 2.0 port. With its Bluetooth 4.2, it allows us to wirelessly connect gaming devices, headphones, and speakers.

In addition, it supports Dolby and DTS audio that offers a sharper three-dimensional surround sound. All of this can now be found by, a whole offer.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, for those looking for something easy and direct

This is a good example of stick-like devices. A device that only needs to be connected to an HDMI input to start working.

Obviously, it has Android TV 9.0 and brings remote control to control it easily. It is a good option if you do not want to spend a lot and you do not want to complicate life.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Xiaomi / Getty Images

You can move high resolutions of 4K and have 8 GB of internal storage. In addition, it can help you with what you need thanks to the incorporation of Google's voice assistant.

You will be able to use the voice commands without problems and so everything will be easier. Remember that for the assistant to help you with what you need, you may need to have certain applications installed.

It has very good scores on the net. This is because it is one of the most reliable and safest gadgets, not to mention its excellent price.

It can be purchased by. An adjusted price for a device that anyone can use.

HK1 Max, the best for older TVs

This player can turn any TV into a Smart TV. This is because it has AV cable input, which on older TVs is still used.

It has Android TV and applications can be installed, thanks to its internal storage of 16 GB. If you want to download anything, you should have plenty of space.

HK1 Max


It also has 4K video output and remote control to manage the interface easily. As an extra, it also includes a wireless keyboard and trackpad.

Your 2 GB of RAM should be enough to move any type of application. In addition, it has a USB 3.0 port and another 2.0, the AV input that we have mentioned, HDMI video output, and Ethernet connector in case the WiFi of your home is not the best.

By the way, if you want to see photos, videos, or text files that you have saved, you can do it. This is thanks to a built-in microSD card reader.

Sunnzo S9 Mini, lots of storage for you

This model is very cheap but has numerous extras. among them a great and expandable storage capacity. That's not all, though.

On the one hand, it is capable of supporting 4K resolutions. But it also has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, although it can use a microSD to expand its capacity.

S9 Mini Android TV

It also includes a controller that helps us move through its custom interface. It's very intuitive, but the remote control allows us to use it faster.

It is also compatible with 4K monitors, with which we can see everything very clearly.

On the other hand, it is accompanied by control to easily manage the applications. In addition, its connection can withstand 2.4 GHz bands, perfect for any home.

It can be found by, being quite a bargain. If you don't want to spend a lot, it might be the solution.

A5X X88 Pro 10, with mini keyboard for your chats

If you want to enjoy all the content of Android TV this could be your ideal device. This Smart TV Box will allow you to access all the applications you need and adds an extra that will help you a lot.

It includes a fairly complete remote control, but also a spectacular mini keyboard that will give us much greater control. This keyboard is also compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, and many other Android devices.

Android TV box

Among its numbers, we can see that it has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage that are also expandable via MicroSD. It is also capable of playing 4K HDR if our TV allows it.

Its keyboard is perfect for surfing the net or for writing in applications or games where the written word is used a lot, such as Discord or Twitch.

In addition, thanks to the fact that it can play in high quality, you will be able to enjoy any type of multimedia content. Between the keyboard and its graphic quality, streaming channels will live much longer.

All this for itself. Its controller and keyboard are perfect for those who are going to navigate more in the applications.

Nvidia Shield TV, great quality at a high price

This device rescales HD video to 4K with its technological capability. Everything that is reproduced is automatically improved.

In this case, Nvidia pulls out a chest and proves its mastery of graphics cards. They have used all their knowledge to create a device that will make us enjoy every visual aspect in a big way.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019

It is compatible with Android TV and brings a controller that will allow us to more easily use the applications. In fact, you can download the ones you want with ease.

Its graphical capabilities will be especially exploited in the world of video games. Use the power of the cloud to move more seamlessly the titles you download. 

Its price is high since it can be found by. It is one of the most complex and useful Android TV Boxes for gamers. The games will look better on your TV than on your mobile.

With all the information you have now, you can safely purchase one of these devices. Your old TV will have a longer lifespan and you can save money by not having to buy a new one.

Remember that, whether in stick or box, you must choose what suits you best. Do not throw away the money and use this information to make the most of what you have at home.

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