WhatsApp launches disappearing photos and video for all your sensitive (and sexy) messages

WhatsApp lanza fotos y videos que desaparecen para todos sus mensajes sensibles (y sexys)

If little is clear from the surge of excitement during twitter's last hurrah Fleets, it's that the crowd loves the traps of thirst that disappear.

WhatsApp will now allow you to submit private photos and videos and make them disappear by joining the party. So whether it's a torrid, inappreciable text message that you'd like to delete later or even sensitive content like passwords or financial details sent to someone you trust, WhatsApp is releasing "See Once" photos and videos that will disappear from the chat after they've been opened.

Users must have the latest WhatsApp translation on iOS or Android to use the View Once feature.

In 2020, WhatsApp added a new privacy feature that allowed people to change their settings to automatically delete messages after seven days. This new View Once feature allows you to forward a photo or video that will disappear instantly, such as referring a Snap to someone.

As the name of the new feature suggests, photos and videos sent with the View Once method will disappear once they have been cracked. The media will not be saved on the recipient's camera roll or their WhatsApp photos.

You will only be able to see if a recipient has cracked a photo or video See once if they have activated recital receipts; it will be marked as 'cracked'. And if you've received a View Once message, you'll have 14 days to open it yesterday before the media expires from the chat.

The crowd got on Main to say goodbye to Fleets. But after midnight, the Fleets stayed.

For messages to disappear after communicating, you must separate "View once media" each time you want to send a message like this.

Someone may take a screenshot of the Content Watch once and, of course, it is also possible that some will capture the message using another device yesterday that it disappears. For these reasons, WhatsApp urges caution when sending messages of this nature. "Only send photos or videos with view media once enabled to trusted people," reads a blog about the new feature.

As with everything sent on WhatsApp, View Once messages is protected by an end-to-end hide so WhatsApp can't see them, even though it shares its metadata with Facebook.

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