Why can't the lift camera that once burst into flames be seen?

Yes, adhering to the MIX series of the comprehensive screen design concept, Xiaomi finally used the off-screen camera, further pull up the screen ratio, it seems that from 2017 Apple released Liu Haiping's iPhone X, "screen ratio" has been a must-do for mobile phone manufacturers in recent years.

Lifting the camera is the "full screen" of what really means.

From the earliest Liu Haiping to the follow-up waterdrop screen, hole-digging screen, the industrial chain of screen programs more and more, until OPPO Find and other "lift camera" appeared, the true sense of the "no opening comprehensive screen" was born.

Subsequently, the domestic OV, plus, and many other first-line brands are online using lift camera technology products, and the threshold gradually lowered, 1000 early can buy a full screen without opening models.

Why can't the lift camera that once burst into flames be seen?

The use of the mechanical structure of this pop-up lift camera in addition to ensuring the screen ratio, so that users also feel that the product is a very scientific and technological sense, such products since the appearance to the market has continued to heat up for some time, the flagship models of major brands if there is no open screen are embarrassed to enter the market.

However, the good times are not long, into 2019 after digging screens to replace the lift camera, then the whole industry really "turned back"?

The fall of the lift camera

Lift cameras have been gaining market share for more than a year and are fading out of the industry.

Users' real feedback, the original "break history" landmark design directly sentenced to death.

The excessive complexity of mechanized structure leads to the thickness and weight of mobile phones can not be controlled, and because it is the form of lifting, so waterproof moisture-proof encountered problems, and the internal structure into gray is also a common phenomenon of user feedback, and the lift camera trapped in the structure of small size, face recognition module is basically unable to be implanted.

In the end, simply put, the lift camera died from "more harm than good" ...

The off-screen camera gradually takes over the market

However, in the lift screen gradually fade out of the market, digging screen become mainstream at the same time, "off-screen technology" concept has been thrown out, simply speaking, "off-screen camera" and "off-screen fingerprint", the latter has been widely used, and the former has been ZTE, Xiaomi into the consumer-grade market.

The gradual production of the off-screen camera, the phone's screen into the "no opening full screen 2.0" era, throw away the mechanical structure of the lift camera, the integration of the appearance of the mobile phone to continue, and also rich in the user's pursuit of technology and thin body.

In this way, the pop-up camera is the "no opening full screen 1.0" era of core technology, so recorded in the development of mobile phone "history."

For a mobile phone enthusiast who is looking for perfection, the pop-up mechanical screen is indeed a generation of over-products that worry us, and the integrity and aesthetics of the body sometimes make us feel that the product is truly perfect.

The release of MIX 4 didn't surprise us too much with black technology. But it's not hard to see that as the fourth generation of the series, it always feels like MIX is still a lot more mature. In this mobile phone launch of the most popular season, Xiaomi with MIX4 hit a head start, followed by Samsungfold 3, Glory Magic 3, and even next month's iPhone 13, these are this year and even the first half of next year the major manufacturers to get the flagship new products, the vast majority of users will also be selected every autumn suitable for their flagship.

Samsung's folding screen is about to come out of the third generation while improving performance and functionality while still solving the folding screen's "industry problems", and from the current exposure of the Magic series, users may feel that this is more and more "Mate", and the iPhone 13's ancestral Liu Hai still has to pass down ...

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