Windows 11: release date, news, and everything we think we know about the new Windows

Microsoft has just told us all the news of Windows 11, which are many more than we knew in the filtered system. The most shocking novelty, beyond the redesign, which is still the Windows 10X, is that the system will be able to run Android applications.

What will be the main news in Windows 11?

Windows 11

Whether it's Windows 11 or Windows 10 Sun Valley, Microsoft has been talking about a great visual rejuvenation of Windows for some time. So far we have been able to confirm several changes both visual and functional that Microsoft is working on:

  • New default font– Just as a survey was recently launched for the community to help choose a new font for Office after 15 years using Calibri, Microsoft also confirmed that windows' default typography will also change soon.
  • New colors for icons for folders– Icons in windows main folders that are famous for being yellow since most people under the age of 40 have memory, will now be multi-colored and oriented horizontally.
  • Goodbye to Windows 95 and XP icons– The system will eventually start getting rid of some of the older and outdated icons it includes from older versions.
  • There will also be new icons for various classic applications such as Notepad.
Windows 10 Nuevos Iconos


  • The return of rounded edges (praise be it): with the next version of Windows finally everything will stop being square and flat.
  • New floating menus: menus that will also have rounded edges.
  • Customization of virtual desktops: we can change the background of virtual desktops individually to further separate our workspaces.
  • Windows Explorer with a less "robust" design, better optimized for touch screens.
  • Classic apps that will be updated independently of the operating system and will be in the Microsoft Store.
Windows Terminal
  • The new Windows Terminal will be installed by default: this client that Microsoft has been working on for quite some time supports things like PowerShell and command prompt in different tabs.
  • The features of the canceled Windows 10Xwill be inherited – although the development of that cloud version of Windows 10, which was supposed to compete with ChromeOS, has been canceled, its best features will pass to only Windows.
  • New App Store– The Windows App Store has a lot to improve, and the company plans to open the Microsoft Store to all apps and games, even classic programs .exe.
  • New and improved pre-installed apps– The apps that come by default in Windows 10 have never been very popular, and Microsoft has time to form a new team to completely revamp them.

  • We've learned that Microsoft, internally, calls Windows 10 separately to Windows Sun Valley, indicating that it may be the successor to the system released in 2015 and that it looked like the last. In addition, the company has halted the release of experimental versions, something that also sounds like Windows 11 or the successor is close.

  • For the first time, Microsoft has talked about the end of support for Windows 10, something that will happen in 2025. This means that the system will lose its support 10 years after its release. Yet another clue as to whether it's Windows 11 or not, Windows 10 is waiting for a successor.

  • In the filtered build, we have found 15 novelties mostly aesthetic. Among them is new window management that will help a lot with productivity.

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