Xiaomi wants to brighten up the summer and, of course, among all the portfolio of products of the Chinese company, we find a Bluetooth speaker perfect to leave home, especially now that many of us go with the music excursion or to the pool.

In these situations, we look for a team that has enough power to enjoy the music, but also versatility and, above all, that you do not have to have it on cotton and resist the occasional blow.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker not only accomplishes all of this but can also get wet. Below, we tell you our opinion on this analysis.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Dimensions 213 x 74 x 74
Weight 749 grams
Water resistance IPX7
Battery 2,600 mAh | About 13 hours of music at 50% | USB-C charging that takes about 4 hours
Frequency range 80 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance 4 Ω
Power 2 speakers of 8 W each
Transmission Bluetooth 5.0 | Distance up to 15 meters
Harbors USB-C charging | 3.5 mm input

An off-road design that holds the water you throw at it

Let's start talking about design since that's where we always start and it's still something very important. We have a body that is surrounded by mesh where the sound comes out.

At the top, we have a rubber button that serves to control different parameters of both the speaker and the profiles and sound options and a kind of harder plastic lid at each end.

At the base, we have two rubber legs that prevent it from slipping on smooth and somewhat inclined surfaces.

In one we simply have screen printed European regulations, but in the other, we have a tacita that hides both a 3.5 mm jack and a USB-C.

It's a bit hardcover, but it makes all the sense because the speaker is waterproof thanks to its IPX7 protection.

Analysis Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It will be possible to wet and dive prudentially, but in the end, it is designed not for such an extreme use, but for something more normal such as splashes in the pool or that campsite in which it suddenly begins to rain.

The important thing, of course, is to always have the side cap tightly closed because it is what ensures maximum impermeability. Of course, we already tell you that we have wet it quite a bit and it continues as the first day.

Analysis Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker is extremely portable thanks to both its dimensions of 213 mm long, 74 high, and another 74 mm deep, as well as its weight of only 749 grams and, in addition, we have a little body at one end that we can pass through the wrist, tie to the backpack or a carabiner.

And the truth is that these days when we have been using it has been very comfortable to take it to the pool, hiking, and walking around the house thanks to its battery.

It hits on either side by design or size.

The autonomy that meets and charges by USB-C

And while we're at it, let's talk about the battery. Xiaomi tells us that we have a battery that lasts about 13 hours with the volume at 50%. This is always very relative and the truth is that it is a fairly conservative figure.

In our tests, timing the playback time, we reach 10 hours with a volume between 70 or 80%.

Analysis Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

That's why we told you that it's something very variable, but 10 hours is still great on a speaker of these characteristics.

You will be able to charge it with any USB-C charger (in the box, in fact, only the cable is included) and the charging time is about 4 hours to reach 2,600 mAh.

A button that hides more than it seems to the naked eye

Given the autonomy, let's move on to the button. As soon as we turn on the speaker for the first time, without it having been paired with other devices, it is put into pairing and visible mode to link it to our player.

The connection has seemed very robust and then we have the typical buttons to raise or lower the volume, as well as the play and pause and Bluetooth if we want to pair the speaker to another device.

Analysis Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We lack buttons to pass songs, but here the combinations come into play. Keeping the 'more' or 'less' button we will pass the song and with the 'more' button next to the 'play button we will switch between the normal sound mode and the one that enhances the bass.

Finally, we have that button with the logo of 'infinity' that serves to pair two equal speakers and create a stereo mode, combining the 16 W of power of each one for... well, that, to have a real stereo system that simulates two channels.

We haven't been able to test it because we don't have two units, but so you know that's the function of the button.

Very acceptable sound quality, although it lacks volume

But let's get to what really matters in a speaker, the sound quality. Xiaomi has mounted a double system on this speaker and we have two drivers with a power of 8 W each.

As we have mentioned, we have two modes. On the one hand, the standard, which I think is the most appropriate in all situations and musical genres.

Analysis Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It has some bass with glue that do not eat the rest of the spectrum and the truth is that, if we try not to go up to 100% and we stay between 80% and 90%, the sound experience is very good, without distortion and without disturbing.

On the other hand, we have the mode that enhances the bass and yes, it works and distorts less than you would expect, but the truth is that I think the experience loses a little because the 'chunda chunda' sounds very good, but we will not appreciate the nuances of the subject well.

By the way, we have a microphone that will allow us to answer calls. Not that the quality of the same ea very good, but if we are in the pool with the mobile away, it is a resource that is not enough.

A perfect speaker to go hiking or take from one point to another at home

The Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth is a portable speaker, no more and no less, that is not integrated into the 'Home' app and we are going to have to control everything both with the music app of the mobile and with the integrated buttons.

Analysis Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I think it has a good sound quality because although it lacks glue, it does not distort and the bass is not too oversized.

We will be able to enjoy music outdoors without any problem and, in the end, what stands out is the autonomy and that off-road design that allows us to put it in a place and forget about it.