Y: The Last Man TV series gets premiere trailer ahead of Sept. 13 Hulu launch

A TV series based on Y: The Last Man, the award-winning Vertigo comic series about a sex-specific apocalypse, has always seemed inevitable, but ever since the comic series wrapped in 2008, plans for a live-action adaptation have lingered in apparent development hell. That all changes next month, when a TV series finally launches on Hulu. The news came in the form of a trailer that shows off the series' stars while explaining its peculiar twist on a society-crushing disease.

The original comics, written by former Lost writer/producer Brian K. Vaughan (also involved with beloved comic series like Saga and Paper Girls), revolved around the simultaneous death of everything on Earth with a Y chromosome, humans and animals alike. Thursday's new trailer recaps the same premise by focusing on the president of the United States succumbing to a bloody collapse, followed by apparently every other man on the planet... save one.

That man, Yorick Brown (played by Ben Schnetzer), begins making his way across a decimated United States, and this TV version matches the comics by including his pet monkey named Ampersand (who also has a Y chromosome). Meanwhile, his mother, Senator Jennifer Brown (played by Diane Lane), apparently assumes control as president of the United States. That's a twist on the original comics, which had Yorick's mother in Congress but not necessarily promoted to the top of the pecking order.

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