Zoom launches Focus Mode that prevents students from getting distracted

Zoom is implementing a new feature intended for students who are already returning to classes.

This feature will help them focus on virtual classes without their peers becoming a source of distraction.

Zoom has a new view mode for virtual classes

While students are not in the same room as they are in the classroom, they are often distracted by watching the rest of their classmates in video conferences. And even if the teacher tries to capture attention, the gestures and activities they perform often become a great source of distraction.

To avoid these situations, Zoom is adding a new feature that teachers can implement in their virtual classes. This is what Zoom calls "Focus mode" and allows you to enable a particular view mode.

For the teacher, it will not change anything, as he will continue to see all his students on the video call. But students will only be able to watch the teacher's video, but not the rest of their peers. As shown in the image above, the student will only see their video and the teacher.

The rest of the boxes, which correspond to the video streams of your colleagues, will only show the name of each one. So you'll be able to know who's present in the class, but you won't be able to see them. It may not be a mode that the teacher needs to enable in each class, but there may be times when students need to focus on the content.

And of course, it can also be a practical dynamic if you notice that some students are shy to show themselves on camera in front of their peers. And as seen in the image, switching from one view mode to another is as simple as clicking, so you can switch from this "Focus Mode" to screen sharing at any time.

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