The truth is that Google Assistant can do so many things for us that we repeatedly overlook some of its faculties. We already know that we can ask for many things, but there are times when we limit ourselves, without taking full advantage of it.

In addition to asking for a multitude of actions or options, you can also assign certain routines to perform every day and even create the ones that we like the most.

The possibilities of the Google Assistant are many and yes there is something clear, working with this system 100% is almost impossible since they are continuously coupling improvements. But we can make it more complete for us.

We can use routines

Google Assistant routines are a series of tasks that they perform based on a specific command or situation. For example, the assistant knows that as soon as you get up you must do something, that it does not have to be just one action, maybe there are several. Well, that is a routine and if we have a smart home, all this is amplified a lot.

We have predetermined routines, but we can also create our own. To configure those already installed in the system, we must download Google Home on our mobile, and then do the following:

  • We open the Google Home application on the mobile and then click on Routines, and then choose the routine that we are going to configure from those already created.
  • Being default they have fixed triggers that cannot be deleted.
  • If we want to add another activator click When it says the Wizard, then Add another, and finally in Done.
  • We return to the Routines screen and it's time to click on Add action.
  • Now we choose a routine category, choose an action, and click on Done.
  • Finally, it remains only to click on Save.
Google Home Routines

Within these default routines, we have some extremely interesting to configure and perform some tasks that can be useful in our day to day.


These routines that are default are as follows:

  • Weekday: messages are announced as it is time to stand up and stretch, do not forget to wash your hands, go have a snack, go drink a glass of water or it is time to finish the work to take advantage of the afternoon, among many other messages.
  • Good morning: you can adjust lights, plugs, thermostats, and other devices or give information about the day such as weather, travel, calendar, or reminders, among other things.
  • Bedtime: Information relevant to the next day such as weather or calendar, in addition to the management of lights and thermostat, among other things.
  • Leaving home: you will manage different sections of the smart home. Exactly those that we have authorized.
  • I'm at home: you'll be able to manage lights, plugs, thermostats, speakers, and even TV screens to make you feel more at ease when you get home.
  • Commuting to work: not only will we know everything we need to go to work, but we could even put our favorite music or radio station, among other things.
  • Moving home: it's like the previous case, but in reverse.

We can also create ourselves those ruins that best suit our needs, doing what we want and being operational in the conditions we deem.

For that, we just have to go to Routines again and hit the Add button so that from there we start to manage the when, how, and why what we are going to create is activated.