Choosing the perfect laptop for each educational period can be complicated, but not impossible. The important thing is to be clear about the path to choose and the needs of each branch of study. Not all users need the same thing and, that is why you always have to decide to take into account these variables to make the right decision.

And, as the return to school is already here, at least that technology makes it easy for us. Intel introduces its 11th generation processors and they are focused on educational environments so that students do not have to worry about performance and versatility. In this video, you can see all their advantages and how they can help you.

Cores and threads matter

Finding a laptop that rose to the occasion involves knowing the processor inside. The new 11th Generation Intel Core debuts a new architecture that comes to offer better energy consumption, greater power, and, above all, turbo modes to cope with any type of complex task.

The 11th Generation Intel Core i5 is the perfect choice for students whose main task is data handling. Facing Excel tables or keeping dozens of tabs open in Chrome will not pose any problem for this processor, no office automation program will put a stand up to it.

In the case of audiovisual or engineering studies, the safe bet is the 11th Generation Intel Core i7. These processors are the spearhead of Intel's next-generation and are made to run heavy programs without disheveling. The extra power serves to be able to make last-minute edits and not despair while exporting.

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New graphics to give it your all

The new integrated graphics of the 11th Generation Intel Core processors are the Intel Iris Xe. Intel has completely designed the new graphics architecture from scratch. The Intel Iris Xe is made to get the most out of the graphics and creativity of students. There will be no problem when processing or playing immersive content with high resolutions.

You might think that the new graphs only become important in specific studies, but these new graphs play an important role when it comes to connecting external monitors to study comfortably. The ability to enlarge the screen or have more than one while studying depends on the collaboration between GPU and CPU.

That is why Intel has put so much effort into the development of its new generation of processors and integrated graphics. Up to four screens can be connected and with 4K resolutions in all of them. In addition, intel iris Xes use artificial intelligence to tailor the necessary resources to each student's conditions.

The new Intel Iris Xe represents a different approach and the beginning of a new path for graphics processing by Intel. Being part of the processor is an incentive when choosing a laptop with an 11th Generation Intel Core processor. Broadly speaking, this combination is what a laptop needs.

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Energy efficiency so you don't run out of battery

Something very important is that the equipment has autonomy that allows it to be used at any time and situation. In addition, it also becomes relevant that when turning it on the response time is minimal. Intel has made sure that all of this is met.

The Intel Evo platform is responsible for verifying that computers with 11th Generation Intel Core processors are up to the task. This label indicates that when you turn on the computer the reactivation is instantaneous, the laptop will come out of sleep and will be ready to start studying in less than a second.

In addition, Intel Evo also makes sure that the laptop's battery is long-lasting. This makes the worry when loading the equipment during the days in the library or the seminars vanish. And if it were necessary to charge the laptop also adds a higher charging speed so as not to spend so much time connected to the plug.

Stability of wireless connections

The 11th Generation Intel Core processors arrive with improvements in both wireless connectivity such as WiFi or Bluetooth as well as wired connections. The WiFi networks of schools, colleges, or universities are not as stable or fast as they should be. Of course, computers with new generation processors have WiFi 6.

Having the latest standard in terms of connection for web browsing makes connections to wireless networks faster as well as reliable. The improvements, as we have said, also come in the cable connections. Laptops with 11th Generation Intel Core processors feature advanced components such as Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Including these ports on laptops allows multiple displays to be connected to the laptop, as well as offering near-instantaneous data transfer speeds. In short, betting on the 11th Generation Intel Core is the best decision. Whether they are the Core i5 for more theoretical studies or the Core i7 for degrees where you need extra power to program, edit or create content.