Yeedi Vac Max and Vac Station Review: multi-function robot vacuum

Yeedi Vac Max

The new Yemeni cleaning robots aim to mark a before and after in the cleaning of the floors, offering first-class features at a price that can surprise more than one. Let's see what they are capable of.

The most comfortable way today to have our floors shiny is to choose to have a robot vacuum cleaner that passes through all the rooms of our house. But not just anyone is worth getting the best results, since there are certain models that, being able to scrub, the cleaning is magnified considerably.

That is where Yeedi comes in, a brand that has burst into the European market, offering upon arrival some devices for floor cleaning as interesting as the Yeedi 2 hybrid, a robot vacuum cleaner that has given much to talk about in recent months.

But now is the time to receive the new components of the Yemeni family, vacuum and scrubbing robots that evolve to offer the customer a good number of advantages, among which is that they vacuum and scrub, at the same time.

Same but different

With the new Yeedi Vac Max and Vac Station, the brand gives us all the possible technology in terms of floor cleaning. They are robots loaded with power, efficiency, and comfort, with a design with a certain minimalist touch and very elegant.

In this new range of Yeedi models we have two options for choosing: on the one hand, there is the Vac Max and on the other, there is the Vac Station, the same as the previous one, but with a self-emptying station incorporated into the pack.

Large vacuum capacity

There is no doubt that the vacuuming capacity of the Vac is high not in vain we are talking about 3,000 Pa.

This power can make nothing escape them, paying special attention to the hairs of our pet, one of the most complicated dirt to absorb.

If you are a regular user of a robot vacuum cleaner you will know that the jams of the brush because of the hairs are something quite common. Well, thanks to the silicone brushes, Yeedi has managed to avoid tangles.

The Max model has a tank inside the equipment where it deposits everything that is vacuuming, being convenient to empty it every time it finishes working, since, despite being larger than the one brought by other robot vacuum cleaners, it is better to leave it clean for the next time we put it to clean.

In the case of the Vac Station, we can forget about the emptying of the robot for 30 days since it incorporates the dirt in its charging base until it warns us when it is full, which is usually, as we said before, in about a month.

Once this happens we only have to take out the bag it carries and empty it into our usual container. As you can see this is a more modern and comfortable way to throw away the dirt that the robot has collected from our floor.

Complete cleaning: vacuuming and scrubbing

As far as the water capacity that can be used for scrubbing is concerned, the new Yeedi have a tank with 200 ml with which they manage to pass a wet mop throughout the house.

The scrubbing system is intelligent, getting just enough water so that the floors are clean, but without the problem that they can be waterlogged. In addition, at the moment that, for cleaning, the water stops working automatically.

Yeedi Vac Max water tank

Full control and from wherever you want

Thanks to visual SLAM technology combined with the floor tracking sensor, they can monitor our entire house and know exactly what each of the rooms and their obstacles is like.

In this way we can be the ones who mark a certain action area so that it does not do the rest of the house, for example, we can send it to only clean a specific room or the entire house, but with restrictions.

In addition, you can schedule the cleaning or send an action with your voice, using the compatibility they have with both Google Assistant, Amazon ALEXA, and Alice from Yandex. All this can also work outside the home since they connect through the WiFi of our home.

More than enough battery

As for its autonomy, the 5,200 mAh of which its battery consists in all models gives each model an autonomy of 180 minutes on a single charge.

That's enough minutes to go smoothly in a house, but, even if you didn't have time to complete the cleaning in that time, the new Yeedi have the ability to return to the charging base to recharge and, the moment they are back with the maximum in their battery, return to the exact place where they had stopped cleaning.

Yeedi Vac Station

Prices to surprise

The truth is that the new Yeedi has characteristics to be a great possibility when buying a device of this type since the prices in other products with similar characteristics usually have higher prices.

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