Set up hotkeys to speed up your day-to-day on Windows

In addition to opening websites and programs, of course, we can open folders. It can be a really practical shortcut, especially if every day we open t

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It is clear that, when working with Windows, what we need is for everything to work perfectly, taking full advantage of the system, something that sometimes we will have to do thanks to third-party tools such as AutoHotkey, an extremely interesting automation solution.

AutoHotkey is a software with which we can automate many of the parts of our operating system by creating tasks that will run autonomously.

We are talking about a script editor with which we can practically program Windows to do anything we want, allowing us a series of really high possibilities.

This is a tool that depends a lot on our knowledge in programming, so depending on whether we control it in this sense, this will be the game that we can take.

Installation on Windows

As usual, the first thing we will have to do is download the tool from the official website of AutoHotkey.

Of the three possibilities that are lent to us, we must choose the one that puts Download Current Version, to make sure that it is the most recent.

Once downloaded and installed in the Windows operating system, we will get a window with 4 options where, if we are not excessively experts in programming, it may be good for us to click on View the Tutorial since it shows us a guide to how the program works.

If programming is something you more or less master, you can click on Exit, although the tutorial is always good to see. This is already up to everyone's choice.

From now on all files with the AHK extension will be opened by AutoHotkey as it becomes its default application.

If we want to open our first script we must do the following:

  • We create a folder, for example, on the desktop or wherever you want.
  • Open this folder and click with the right mouse button to select New.
  • Then we can click on AutoHotkey Script.
  • Now that we have it created, it is time to click on the right mouse button above that akh file again and select Edit Script. 
  • At that moment we can start typing the code that corresponds to the script and the task that we want it to develop. Hence what we told you before that it would be good to handle in programming.
  • As you can see, the operation of AutoHotkey is very simple, except for the fact of having control over programming. But what is the proper operation of the tool is extremely simple.

    For that simplicity, it is a program so used, since the steps are very simple, indicative, and simple. It is the simplest way to create this type of element.

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Scripts de AutoHotKey

There are several public domain scripts that many people use that have already been created previously to facilitate access to this technology.

We can call them the ones that almost everyone uses, leaving aside those that we can create ourselves following the guidelines that we have taught you before.

All that you are going to see are created the same as we have seen, but copying the programming base that we leave you in each case.


As you well know the keyboards of the smartphones that we all have, have an autocorrect system that allows us to know if a word we are writing correctly or not.

Well, in AutoHoykey we have the possibility of creating an autocorrect script to get it to inform us of possible typos.

This script can be downloaded from the following website, and then select everything and then click on the right mouse button, click copy, and then paste into a file called AutoCorrect.ahk

Function keys

The function keys are practically not used at all. Well, with AutoHotKey we can give them another life and use them for other types of tasks.

For example, we can make that there will be the programs that we want thanks to these keys.

To achieve this we must create the following script, putting the path of the program that we want:

  • ; Launch PROGRAM NAME
  • F7::Run "PROGRAM PATH"
  • return

Open websites very fast

We can use it to get certain web pages that are essential to us to load very quickly and automatically, without having to put the name in the browser.

The way to work would be that pressing a combination of letters opens a specific web address in the browser. The way to do it is as follows, and the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C.:

Adjust volume

If there are no volume control keys on your keyboard, you can create your thanks to a script.

The way to achieve this is very simple:

  • ; Custom volume buttons
  • +NumpadAdd:: Send Volume_Up ;shift + Numpad plus
  • +NumpadSub:: Send Volume_Down ;shift + Numpad minus
  • break::Send Volume_Mute; Break key mutes
  • return

Empty the recycle bin

It can be very practical to use the keyboard to get the recycle bin emptying at the moment and with a combination of keys.

All this can be extremely comfortable, plus the way to do it is very simple:

  • ; Empty trash
  • #Del::FileRecycleEmpty ; win + del
  • return
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Open the folders you want

In addition to opening websites and programs, of course, we can open folders. It can be a really practical shortcut, especially if every day we open the same folder

To do this we must put the following code inside the script:

  • ; Open Downloads folder
  • ^+d::Run "C:UsersVamsiDownloads" ; ctrl+shift+d
  • return

As you can see, creating keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks automatically is not as difficult as you could imagine at first. The only difficulty you may encounter is that your programming knowledge is limited.

But for that, you can see on this website a good number of examples of scripts created by both developers and other types of users, since, being an open-source program, many participate in all this type of development.

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