Xiaomi launches new 4K TV with support for 120 Hz and premium features

With the Redmi brand, Xiaomi presented the Television Smart TV X 2022, an update of the Smart TV X model released last year. The product stands out for the high amount of features related to image quality and experience with the operating system, but without ceasing to have a competitive price.

It has a very discreet look, with symmetrical and thin edges. The benchtop brackets are also compact, and should not take up too much surface space if it is not possible to install the product on a wall. The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 model will come in two different size options, with 55 or 65 inches —both with metal construction.

The display has 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and a refreshes rate of up to 120 Hz, which can assist in games or other content with faster drives. Response time is 6.5 ms, with compatibility for 10-bit (8-bit + FRC), 94% of p3 color gamut, and support for FreeSync Premium and Dolby Vision, for greater fluidity and more accurate colors under various conditions of use. Meanwhile, MEMC technology can smooth images that are not optimized for high refresh rates, intelligently.

On the inside, the Redmi Smart TV X 2022 has four speakers, two air ducts, and acoustic cavities of 2 x 0.38L to provide quality sound, to a power output of 2 x 12.5 W. In addition, four built-in microphones assist in detecting voice commands at greater distances, without the need for remote control use.

The television has a MediaTek MTK 9650 octa-core processor, along with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage — specifications that should ensure good performance in navigating menus and other Screens of the Android-based operating system. It also brings artificial intelligence capabilities for optimization in audio and video quality, as well as automatic image adjustments. On the back, the Redmi Smart TV X 2022 has two HDMI 2.0 (eARC) inputs, one HDMI 2.1 (which supports 4K@120 Hz), two USB-A, and an Ethernet port.

Price and availability

At first, television will be available only to the Chinese market, though Xiaomi's official portal, in addition to some local retailers. The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 has a suggested price of 2,999 yuan (about R$ 2,656 indirect conversion) for the 55-inch model and 3,499 yuan (US$3,098) for the 65-inch version. There is still no information on the sale of the product in other markets.