Can US companies hire remote workers?

The North American remote work platform is expanding its activities in Brazil. The company provides U.S. jobs to foreign developers who have the same level of experience or knowledge as those operating in Silicon Valley.

The company says it offers professionals better-than-average domestic pay, as well as other differentials such as remote work itself —something many developers want—a 24-hour human resources team and personalized skills enhancement.

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One of the company's services is the Turing Intelligent Talent Cloud Cloud platform, designed by former engineering chiefs at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. She uses artificial intelligence to manage the work of developers around the world, profiling them to suggest more appropriate career opportunities. is a reflection of the pandemic, which valued the remote first concept (Image: Christina Morillo/Pexels)'s area of activity is another reflection of the covid pandemic, which has been valued in many professions, including those related to technology, the remote first concept, that is, homework in almost 100% of the teams. Because developers want this model more, companies around the world offer it to attract the best professionals in the industry.

In March, was voted by Forbes one of the top 500 startups in the U.S. and entered Fast COmpany's annual list of the world's most innovative companies of 2021.

"Brazil has phenomenal potential when it comes to software talent due to a large number of Silicon Valley-caliber developers willing to work from home in the same time zone as major companies in the United States. Our vision is to be the focal point for developers around the world when it comes to IT jobs," says Akshay Thakor, Senior Vice President of Operations at Turing.

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