Spider-Man 3 10 details you probably didn't notice in the new trailer

After much waiting and mystery, the new trailer for Spider-Man: No HomeComing has finally arrived and gave more details about the film's plot, as well as revealing all the villains that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will have to face. And while the long-awaited appearances of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have not been confirmed, the trailer brings several little secrets about the twists and turns the film should present.

And even without the return of the actors, the trailer missed many of the rumors that had been circulating for some time, especially in relation to the dynamics of these characters coming from other realities. So much so that it has brought some surprises in terms of history of what this invasion of villains has to offer.

These are details that have gone unnoticed in the eyes of many people. After all, it's really hard to pay attention when you're excited about the explosions, the action scenes and all the magic involving marvel's multiverse. So now that everyone is calmer, it's time to search the trailer and see what else it has to reveal.

10. Hidden Spiders

And let's start by getting the elephant out of the room. Although the new trailer for No Back Home didn't show the other versions of Spider-Man that everyone wanted to see, that doesn't mean they're not in the video.

The trained eyes of the fans noted that Maguire and Garfield's appearances were digitally removed from the video to keep the suspense going. So much so that, in the scene where Spider-Man advances to face the Green Goblin, Sandman and the Lizard, it is possible to see the reptile taking a blow in the air of someone who does not appear on the screen. Notice in the second 55 of the video below.

This is a very fast snippet and that is not present in all versions released from the trailer. On YouTube, for example, the Lizard does not appear making this strange move, but the teaser made available by the studio on social networks already had this detail, which indicates that someone was confused when finishing the files.

And while it's not the confirmation we wanted to see, it's the most concrete indication we have that the other Spider-Men are going to appear in the film. Moreover, the composition of the scene only makes sense thinking about this meeting of heroes, since some of the villains are ignoring Tom Holland and attacking nothing, suggesting that there really is something there.

9. The infamous scaffolding

One of the alleged leaked images that has circulated the most over the past few months featured actor Andrew Garfield paralysed as Spider-Man on top of what appeared to be a scaffold on the set. Much was discussed about this photo, not least because there was no indication that it was real let alone that it was something of No Return Home. 

Well, notice that this same fight between Spider-Man and the villains takes place in what appears to be the top of the Statue of Liberty, which is in the works to receive the shield of Captain America and surrounded by the same scaffolding. So it's really hard not to believe that those images of the actors gathered aren't even real.

In fact, another previous rumor already pointed out that the final battle of No Return Home would take place on top of the statue and the trailer seems to confirm this. This leak also indicated the death of an important character for Peter Parker and, as everything is being confirmed, we may have something in this line coming to fruition as well.

8. Doctor Octopus ally

Much is said about how Spider-Man will have to face his enemies from other realities in No Return Home and the first trailer has already made this clear when he brought in Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) facing the hero on the bridge. In addition, we had several images that showed this clash at other angles. However, what the most recent video revealed is that the villain must be more of an ally than an enemy around here.

Doctor Octopus looks like he'll ally with Spider-Man after discovering the mess between realities (Image: Reproduction/Sony Pictures)

With the exception of the initial clash —which must happen just when Octopus comes to the reality of the MCU—we should see the villain working together with Peter Parker to return the other criminals to their time lines. Being a man of science, it makes sense for him to understand the risks that such a great variation of reality can offer and therefore should help spider.

This is clear already in the trailer when Parker, MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) make fun of the villain's name, which shows that he is no longer seen as a threat. Also, there is a very fast scene in which we see the Electro (Jamie Foxx) attacking Octopus.

Octopus is attacked by Electro at one point in the trailer (Image: Reproduction/Sony Pictures)

In fact, it is worth remembering that Tom Holland himself has already said in interviews that he loved working with Alfred Molina,who was a great villain when he was a child and that he turned out to be someone very amusing. At the time of this speech, we believed that it was because the two faced each other, but it seems that the proximity was much greater than that.

7. The fate of villains

Maybe that was the big surprise of the trailer. We already knew that the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman and Lizard would appear in the film, but we had no idea why they would insist on staying in a world that is not theirs. For now we know that they want to avoid return because they know that only death awaits them in their realities.

As Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) explains, these characters died in fights against Spider-Man on their worlds and, it seems, they want to stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to escape this fate. After all, they are now anomalies of space-time and can act freely —although the consequences for this reality are unknown.

It seems that the villains will fight not to return to their worlds, fleeing imminent death (Image: Disclosure/Sony Pictures)

It is at this point that we should see Doctor Octopus teaming up with Spider-Man and helping to confront the elderly —and perhaps dying in the process, as he does not appear in the final sequences of the trailer.

Another highlight is that this is a dilemma very characteristic of spider-man stories. There is no easy choice for the hero, who will have to decide between putting his reality at risk to spare the lives of some villains or sending them back to their worlds and knowing that in doing so, he condemned everyone to death.

6. The mystical artifact

No one gave much ball to the mystical artifact that appeared in the first trailer, but the new scenes of Spider-Man: No HomeComing make it clear that there will be a great Maguffin in the new feature, that is, that object that everyone will chase to solve the problem presented by the script. In this case, it appears to be the cube peter appears to be stealing from Doctor Strange.

The magic box has always appeared to us, but no one has given her much ball — so far (Image: Disclosure/Sony Pictures)

Apparently, the artifact must be the tool responsible for putting order on the multiverse, sending the villains back to their realities. And it's because you know that this will result in the death of these villains that Parker decides to steal the Artifact from the Supreme Mage—which explains those scenes where it looked like the two heroes were fighting.

Thus, it is possible that we will see the villains stealing the item at some point and the whole plot of the film revolving around the efforts to retrieve the object. And that's where the Doctor Strange scolding scene in the group makes perfect sense, since the only way to fix this multiverse mess was stolen by Spider-Man stupidity.

5. Two Elves?

It is already certain that Willem Dafoe returns to play his Green Goblin from the first Spider-Man, the classic film of 2002. It appears prominently in the new trailer with the look of the film from two decades ago. However, there is a brief scene in the latest video for No Back Home that has raised questions about the appearance of another version of the villain.

It's a very fast stretch where we see the Green Goblin flying without a mask. It's just that since he's very fast, you can't visualize his face accurately. And given that previous films have already featured two versions of Harry Osborn —the villain's son—and that both have already taken on the Goblin's mantle, some believe we can have that surprise on the way.

On the other hand, some slightly older leaks refute this theory and highlight that it is Willem Dafoe himself in the scene, even without the mask. Concept arts already showed the actor wearing a less Power Ranger version of the villain and replacing the helmet with a pair of glasses, as you can see in the trailer.

4. New visuals

And the Green Goblin won't be the only villain to mess with the wardrobe over The No Home Coming. The trailer already makes it clear that Electro will also go through some changes since we last saw him, in The Spectacular Spider-Man 2. Instead of being that blue creature made of pure energy, it will maintain the human appearance and will bring some effects that refer to the original costume of the comics.

Electro is looking much closer to the comics (Image: Disclosure/Sony Pictures)
Although that doesn't mean the green bead and the yellow star on the face, it's already a very welcome change close to the strange look adopted in your film.

Sandman also appears in the trailer, but just like this giant storm, so it's impossible to tell if this is his definitive new form or just for this final showdown. The Lizard is a giant reptile and he will continue like this, fighting naked against the hero.

3. Be careful what you wish for

Speaking of the Green Goblin, he had already stolen the scene in the first trailer by saying that Parker needs to be careful what he wants. And in the new video, the theme comes back to the fore when the character states that the hero is suffering for having everything he wants, but that the world will force him to choose something.

It is not clear exactly what he is talking about, but it is possible to assume some senses of this phrase. The first one is precisely related to what we talked about the dilemma regarding the fate of the villains. Peter actually managed to get the world to forget that he was Spider-Man, but now he finds himself faced with the need to send the villains to their deaths and possibly give up the spell.

The classic look of the 2002 film will return (Image: Disclosure/Sony Pictures)

Another theory that had already been pointed out in one of the supposed leaked scripts is that the world will really forget that he is the hero, which means giving up the Avengers and also his romance with MJ. And that fits with the trailer's very beginning, in which Parker tells his girlfriend that the only week he's had a normal life since gaining his powers was when he was with her.

But there's also a possibility that we're not talking about your secret identity or anything, but about the hero's need to try to keep everyone safe. This is also present in the trailer, with Peter crying to Aunt May (Marisa Tomey) that it's all his fault. And there were already some rumors that someone important would die —and there are several scenes that suggest that, including the moment MJ falls from the top of the statue.

2. Death approaches

Someone's death is something the trailer scores in over a moment. All this talk that Peter is not able to save everyone is something that Holland himself had been talking about for some time and that it is clear why when we see the tonic that No Return Home should adopt.

Peter Parker's girlfriends should stay away from high places (Image: Reproduction/Sony Pictures)

Hardly MJ will die in the fall of the bridge, but it is quite clear the reference with the death of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in The Spectacular Spider-Man 2: The Threat of Electro. That's why it's very likely that the young lady will be saved by Andrew Garfield's Spider.

On the other hand, some other deaths are possible. Notice how Doctor Octopus no longer appears at any point in the trailer after being hit by Electro, not even in what appears to be the final battle. At the same time, we have a single scene of Aunt May and Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), which makes them possible targets as well.

And, it's worth remembering, the same rumors that got everything the trailer showed indicate that someone is really going to start from this for the better.

1. Nexus Event

The end of the trailer features Doctor Strange atop the Statue of Liberty saying that something is approaching and that he is no longer able to stop it. It's not clear what he's talking about and there are even those who believe it's a reference to Maguire and Garfield. However, this doesn't seem to make much sense in the general context and, it seems, we're seeing the total bursting of the multiverse and the creation of a Nexus event. 

Notice that the scene takes place at the top of the statue after the scaffolding and shield have collapsed—that is, after the battle against Sandman, Lizard, and Electro. It seems to be, therefore, a moment at the end of the film, possibly when Spider-Man and Doctor Strange try to solve the whole mess. And that must be where we find out that they weren't able to stop the madness of the multiverse.

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