Count some of the activities you do each day. Surely a large majority of them go through using the mobile phone. And it is that long ago that this device stopped being used only for what at first seemed to be designed: to call others by phone.

It is the R&D department of a brand that makes it possible to dream with our eyes open, to turn science fiction into a tangible reality, something that we can assure is real. And HONOR knows it well. That's why it just made possible HONOR Magic V, a smartphone that embraces the design of the foldable screen. And that has in the spotlight the content creator who needs a terminal at the height of the times.

Reinventing a technology that has just been born

HONOR Magic V wants to reinvent a technology that is still taking its first steps. Polish aspects such as the visible wrinkle by keeping the terminal open.

In the case of the HONOR phone, they have devised a drop design for this mechanism so that this bump is not noticed.

Folded we have 6.45 inches, a standard size taking into account the bulk of the market. Deployed, we get 'two mobiles' (each of them with 21:9 format) of 7.9 inches, an ideal tablet size for photo editing, online play, reading ebooks and even taking notes.

And if one of the most important aspects of a phone is the screen, so is the technology that makes it possible. And in this case, it is AMOLED: pure blacks that provide contrast and body and that allows the consumption of streaming content anywhere and with high quality

Cameras... And action!

The content creator (and anyone interested in being in the technological present) appreciates, in addition to the screen, a good photographic section.

In this aspect HONOR also raises its voice. We find, on the back of the equipment, three sensors with 50 megapixels each. An angular, a wide-angle, and a hyperspectral camera (capable of detecting wavelengths that the human eye is incapable of) so that every moment counts.

As for the selfie section, essential for live shows and stories, we find a couple of sensors. One that appears with the mobile unfolded and another that would act as a traditional selfie. Both with 42 megapixels.

5G connectivity also makes an appearance in HONOR Magic V. Little by little, the logical evolution of the current 4G will become indispensable for everyone with a technology that minimizes latency between devices and increases upload and download speeds, which translates into a more efficient life. Another point for the creativity that many of us carry inside.

Honor's technological muscle is reflected in its new commitment

The rest of the specifications continue the path of innovation and technological muscle. We have Android 12 under a custom layer that translates power into usability.

We find the latest developments in the Android operating system but enriching it with advanced tools of the brand; Qualcomm's best processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 12GB of RAM and two internal storage versions, 256 and 512GB; a 4,750mAh battery with 66WM fast charging; DTS:X speakers and side fingerprint reader...

Although this phone is not going to be available in Europe, it serves as a perfect statement of intent from a restless brand.

HONOR Magic V wants to be the spearhead of a generation that cares about the here and now, about connectivity and creation.