Covid global death rate is at the same level, Will there be 4th wave in India?

Between March 14 and 20, 32,925 officially confirmed deaths of covid-19 were recorded across the globe. Unlike the number of deaths, the rate of new

The world is experiencing a time of fall in deaths due to the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, according to the latest survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), released on Wednesday (23). 

The rate fell 23% compared to last week and is at the same level as of March 2020, when the pandemic was officially declared and the virus was not yet in all countries.

Between March 14 and 20, 32,925 officially confirmed deaths of covid-19 were recorded across the globe. Unlike the number of deaths, the rate of new cases of covid-19 continues to rise for the second consecutive week.

Despite the increase in official statistics of new cases, it also points to underreporting. In other words, the broadcast scenario can be even worse. However, the advance of global vaccination seems to have reduced complications and deaths of the disease.

Increase in cases of coronavirus

According to the WHO, the increase in the number of confirmed cases of covid is linked to the spread of the Ômicron variant in East Asia and the Pacific region. In the last week, 12.6 million cases were diagnosed. In addition to the original version of Ômicron, the BA.2 subvariant also gains space between notifications of new cases.

At the moment, the following countries were the ones that most diagnosed cases of the disease in the last period:

  • South Korea: 2.8 million cases;
  •  Vietnam: 1.8 million;
  • Germany: 1.5 million;
  • France: 582,000;
  • Australia: 513,000 cases.

Covid deaths fall in the world

In the last week, only East Asia has recorded an increase in the rate of deaths due to covid-19. Composed of countries such as China and Japan, the region identified a 5% increase in deaths, totaling almost 7,000 deaths.

The following are the countries that recorded the most deaths of covid-19 in the period:

  • Russia: 3,600 deaths;
  • United States: 3.6 thousand;
  • Brazil: 2.2 thousand;
  • South Korea: 2,000;
  • China: 1,900.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 472 million cases of infection have been reported in the world, and 6 million people have died as a result of covid.

Covid pandemic is over?

On Wednesday (23), the Director-General of who, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, recalled that the pandemic of covid-19 is not yet over. "We all want to get out of the pandemic. But no matter how much we want it to end, this pandemic is not over. Until we reach high vaccination coverage in all countries, we will continue to face the risk of increased infections and new emerging variants," he explained.

"The WHO goal continues to be to vaccinate 70% of the population of all countries by the middle of this year, with priority for health professionals, the elderly, and other risk groups," Ghebreyesus said of the importance of vaccination in combating the virus. According to the Our World in Data platform, 57% of the world's population has received both doses of the vaccine.

Source: WHOOur World in Data and Agência Brasil      


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