Cryptocurrencies are in all media. Either they are news because someone has become a millionaire effortlessly, or because they chain plummets.

Although bitcoin has lost half of its value in recent months, one bitcoin today costs more than 34,000 euros. An ETH (Ethereum) is worth more than 2,600 euros. It is not cheap to buy cryptocurrencies.

That brings us to the question: can you get free cryptocurrencies? There are means to get them without paying, which is different from getting them without doing anything.

You will have to complete some kind of task to get them, but it does not require much effort (yes some patience), and once you have some amount, no matter how small, if the quote goes up you can earn some money.

In most cases, you will have to do some work, but they can also be earned by playing video games or completing activities that you like. Let's see the possibilities...

Beware of scams

The first thing to keep in mind, if you want to earn cryptocurrencies without buying them, is that this is one of the main hooks of crypto scams.

Avoid using Google, YouTube, and the like to search for terms like "free cryptocurrencies" or "free bitcoins." It's the fastest way to find a scam.

Many YouTube websites and videos offer free crypto but they are a trap to show advertising, to subscribe, to try to sell you something, or worse, to install malware on your PC or mobile.

Do not trust everyone who gives away cryptocurrencies. Look for information, check their references, and the experience of other users with that proposal.

The methods we are going to explain here are reliable, but you still have to be careful and only use them if you are 100% convinced that there is nothing strange hidden.

Cryptocurrency mining

The safest method to get free cryptocurrencies is to mine them yourself. It is the safest because there are no intermediaries, and no one is going to try to scam you.

Mining cryptocurrencies consists of running an algorithm on your computer that solves mathematical calculations. You receive cryptocurrencies by helping to calculate a new token, that is, a new unit of that cryptocurrency, and by helping to maintain the trading network or blockchain of said cryptocurrency.

Here you have to take into account two things: the power of the PC, and the price of light. Mining cryptocurrencies demands a very powerful PC with a high-end gaming card, running at peak performance.

Even that doesn't do much good, as most cryptocurrency miners use dozens of cards connected and working in parallel:

With a simple PC, even if you have the most powerful graphics card, you will hardly cover the cost of light required by mining, since the price of electricity in Spain is through the roof. And the wear and tear on the hardware are huge.

Still, if you want to try, just go to the official website of the cryptocurrency you want to mine, download the mining software, and install it on your PC. Leave it on 24 hours a day, and good luck...

Even if you lose money, at least you can use it to get some cryptocurrency, and from there wait for it to rise, or buy more valuable ones.

Do not be tempted to get hooked on the light without paying, because you can end up with the police breaking the door of your house with blows ...


A faucet, or in Spanish, a tap, is a service that gives away cryptocurrencies in exchange for fulfilling certain tasks. It's called a faucet because it drips cryptocurrencies from time to time.

There are different types of faucets. Some give away cryptocurrencies through a lottery in which you can participate through tickets.

You get some for free, but others can be bought with money, or by completing different simple tasks such as watching an ad, launching a video, visiting a website, creating an account in a certain app, etc.

Other faucets pay in cryptocurrencies directly, without sweepstakes, to complete slightly longer tasks: watching complete videos, filling out accounts, seeing ads, spending some time on a website, evaluating products, etc.

It is important to keep two things in mind, faucets. First, they are a very important source of scams. Services that never pay, or that disappear without a trace. They are also used by cybercriminals as clickbait to attract people and steal data, accounts, etc. when registering.

Use only reputable faucets, like the ones we collect here. And never give data in faucets that you haven't researched in depth.

Secondly, faucets pay cryptocurrencies for tasks... but very little. Maybe you spend half an hour filling out a survey or 15 minutes watching an advertising video, to earn the equivalent of a few cents of euros. Some see it as a means of exploitation because you work almost for free.

These services usually pay in satoshis, which is the minimum unit of Bitcoin, equivalent to euro cents. Maybe you earn 30 or 40 satoshis for a task, but keep in mind that 1 Bitcoin equals 100 million satoshis. So you will have earned euro cents...

As you may have noticed, Satoshi is a tribute to the creator of Bitcoin, the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto.

Finally, keep in mind that in most cases you can only collect your cryptos when you have accumulated a certain amount. The equivalent of between 5 and 25 euros, depending on the tap. So you will have to complete many tasks to be paid.

It is more profitable for you to pay that money to buy cryptocurrencies, and invest your time in something more productive. But if you want to get free cryptocurrencies, you can start here.

Here are some of the best-known faucets:


Free cryptocurrencies

This app for mobile and PC allows you to earn bitcoins, Doge, LTC, and other cryptocurrencies by playing games, chatting, watching videos, or clicking on ads.

It also conducts periodic crypto sweepstakes. It has 2.7 million users and has paid $3 million in rewards, which means that, on average, each user has earned just over a dollar...

Access Cointiply


Free Bitcoins

FaucetCrypto allows you to earn 13 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, and others.

It requires completing tasks such as viewing full ads on web pages, filling out surveys, registering on sites, playing games, or simply clicking on a button (this only appears every 30 minutes).

There are magical objects that allow you to automate tasks. They can be bought or earned by working, and they can be sold to other users for real money.

It has 1.7 million users and has paid more than $5 million in rewards.


This faucet gives away bitcoins with a lottery system. You can buy more tickets with real money, and also increase the chances with different games.

Their referral system offers more free tickets if you bring friends, and they also give you 50% of what they earn.


Free Bitcoins

It offers Bitcoins in exchange for seeing a full advertisement, usually related to cryptocurrencies, that lasts between 10 and 200 seconds.

Pay up to 0.00000005 bitcoins for each click. Double the amount if you become a subscriber, and if you bring friends.

Access BTCClick

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading services. But it has a section called Coinbase Earn, where you can earn different cryptocurrencies.

These are courses where they teach you how to use various cryptocurrencies and other related concepts.


It is Spanish we could translate Airdrop as parachute launch. It is a simile that means that certain companies launch cryptocurrencies into the air (by parachute), for the one who collects them...

Airdrops are usually carried out by companies that operate with cryptocurrencies, or the creators of said currency themselves.

Free cryptocurrencies

The reason is that cryptos need people to trade with them to go up in value. Otherwise, they stagnate. That is why from time to time they are given away, either to raise their price or to promote the said company.

Lately, NFT video game airdrops have become fashionable, giving away their cryptocurrency or NFT content, to attract people to the game.

Normally to get these free coins you have to register on the website or the app of the person who gives them away and meet some advertising requirement, such as writing a message on social networks, so that the name of the company is disseminated.

Playing video games

Believe it or not, there is the possibility of winning free cryptocurrencies by playing video games, thanks to NFT games.

They are also called Play-to-win games because you can make money playing.

Axie Infinity cryptocurrency

These new type of games have their cryptocurrency. Some of them are free, and you can earn this crypto by playing and fulfilling certain objectives. You then exchange that cryptocurrency for Bitcoin or Ethereum on an exchange, such as Binance (if accepted).

You have more information about how they work, and the main NFT games, on this card:

But most NFT games require you to purchase an in-game item in NFT format, that is, it is a unique object certified by a blockchain of a cryptocurrency. It is usually a game character, a house, or other property.

You can improve this NFT article by playing, and then you can sell it for more cryptocurrencies than it cost you.

Some well-known NFT games are Axie InfinityThetan Arena and So rare.

Write, communicate, publish

If you are good at writing, giving courses, or simply posting on a topic, there are services where writings are published or you have your opinion on topics, and you earn cryptocurrencies based on the positive votes you receive.

Here are some examples:


Free Bitcoins

This is one of the services that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies by publishing news and articles, although most are dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

The figure goes up according to the votes received, but most of the contents barely earn 1 or 2 euros. Considering that we usually post for free on social networks, it's not bad...

Go to Publish0x


Free cryptocurrencies

Revain gives away bitcoins for writing reviews, valuing reviews, and discovering products.

It is one of the most stable proposals.

Access Revain


social network similar to Facebook, where everything is talked about but the positive votes are transformed into its Steemint cryptocurrency.

You can also earn this currency by attending online courses.

Most users are Asian and do not speak English, but there are also sections in other languages.

Access Steemit

Create and sell NFTs

An NFT, in direct translation, is a Non-Fungible Good. That is a unique digital asset.

It is a simple computer file that contains an image, a video, music, a document... any digital element can be converted into NFT.



How can a digital photo be unique, for example, if infinite identical copies can be taken? Because it is associated with a unique key held within a blockchain of a cryptocurrency.

The blockchain (usually used as that of the Ethereum cryptocurrency) grants a unique key to a digital file, and since that chain cannot be hacked or copied, that file becomes an NFT as unique and special as it can be to buy a Picasso painting in the physical market.

NFTs have been a revolution in the art and collecting market, because now a digital drawing, a graphic, a meme, can become a unique NFT, and acquire the same value as a drawing or a painting in physics.

They have come to pay millions for NFTs of famous memes, children become millionaires selling their drawings, and older their collection of selfies. Why does anyone pay money for these things? No idea, but they do.

You can take advantage of this madness that borders on the absurd, to earn cryptocurrencies by selling NFTs that you create.

What you pay the most are drawings, GIFs, and original artistic content, but as we have seen people buy everything: photos, old documents, video, music ...

If you think you have something that might interest you, convert it to a digital file (if it's something physical, take a picture of it or scan it), and you can sell it as an NFT on marketplaces like OpenSea, which works similarly to Ebay or Wallapop, but with NFTs.

You will have to spend some money to put your NFTs on sale, but if you sell them the payments are in cryptocurrencies, usually, Ethereum, which can be easily exchanged for Bitcoin or others, or real money, on exchanges such as Binance.

Don't forget about taxes

Keep in mind that it is mandatory to declare the cryptocurrencies you have to the Treasury, in the following statement. You will have to pay taxes corresponding to the IRPF. If you don't, you may be fined.

As we see, there are many different ways to earn cryptocurrencies without spending a single euro. But we never tire of repeating it: beware of scams!

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