10 programming languages used in Facebook systems

Once someone starts learning programming languages, it's common for working on one the tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Meta —facebook's controller—to become your professional goal. To stand out among competitors, you need to keep an eye on the specialties that each company requires.


Easy for beginners and with the support of numerous frameworks and libraries of classes and functions, Python has been growing in recent years, thanks to its uses in the most diverse applications. In addition, thanks to its various libraries, it can be used to create very specific software —which makes it a targeted code on Facebook.


Developers on Facebook use the Erlang programming language a lot, as its compatibility with application concurrency, a wide variety of libraries, and function repositories allow the construction of solutions that support massive scalability of functions, depending on the demand of the program.


Just over 11 years after C was created, C++ was released. Resonating with tools that are now seen as standard in most programming languages, such as classes and virtual functions.

Nowadays C++ is still widely used, mainly in the creation of low latency programs and introductory programming courses.


Also in 1995, PHP was released. This programming language has also lost popularity in recent years, but is still present on most internet sites and is widely used in the web development of application and server connections, being used on Facebook with Hack integrations and With XHP. 


Created in 1991, Java is used 30 years later as the server programming language in the vast majority of projects in the world, even those involving big data or android application development.

And just as in the last 30 years, in 2022, java-known developers will continue to be targeted.


A simple function developed in Hack, the important programming language in the operation of Facebook. (Image: Reproduction/Wikimedia Commons)

No, Facebook does not use "hacks" in the development of its functions. The hack is a programming language that blends the common operation of codes with several additional features, all in a light and extremely fast execution.

It was developed from PHP by Facebook itself, and so it is compatible with the famous programming language.


Dang, also known as D, is a programming language that has functions that allow applications to access the computer at the system level, and also has a syntax similar to C.

Like Hack, it is targeted by programmers and developers because of its speed of code execution, which makes the software testing process take less time.


Haskell is another programming language that relies on fast code execution, being targeted at Facebook developer offices to enable a more efficient application testing environment.

In addition, it was created based on the purely functional paradigm, which causes its syntax to be done so that the state that the program must be in each step of its execution is described in the code.


Another addition of PHP, as well as Hack, XHP allows developers to use XML (markup language) syntax used to format documents to create various reusable elements in applications, especially in the user interface (UX).


React is a JavaScript library focused on UX development —an important part of Facebook products that look for developers with experience in this language to improve the way social media functions are presented to their users.

In addition, one of the most important parts of Facebook's operation today, ads also rely on upon react, making it an important competency within the scope of the company.

Source: Analytics Insight

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