The Best Bluetooth Headsets to Buy

If you're looking for a wireless headset to get away from P2 adapters or don't want to get tangled up in wires when you go around listening to music on your phone, let's list the best Bluetooth headphone options here.

Our list brings together various headset types, going from more compact in-ear style to the most robust, which fully cover your ears. Keep in mind that the headphones that deliver higher power and sound quality are usually trambolhos that will draw attention to your head.

The models will be organized by price, but we will clarify the highlight of each and the advantages of investing in a more expensive model. Because prices change frequently, the listed products will not always be sorted by price perfectly.

115BT JBL Tune

We continue our list with a recent release of JBL that has an affordable price and high sound quality, the Tune 115BT. Its design is not innovative and we have even seen similar models of the brand, but the differential is in the multipoint connection, which allows you to pair it with a PC and a mobile phone at the same time.

Your battery is within the expected, with up to eight hours of playback. A USB port allows full recharge in 2h15, but the company claims that in 15 minutes of socket it is already able to provide 60 continuous minutes of sound.

The device also has the JBL Pure Bass, which guarantees the outstanding and deep bass that arise the signature of JBL products. There are dedicated buttons to make it easy to control songs.

As is common with the brand, it comes accompanied by rubber tips in three different sizes, ensuring good comfort for any ear size.

Amazon. in JBL: Noise Cancelling HeadphonesMultilaser Pulse Expert

Pulse Expert PH297 is expensive, especially if you're more concerned with quality when listening to your music than being heard on calls. Launched for R $ 349, it is in the same price range as the PH320 itself, which loses only on the microphone, besides competing with more complete options of Philips, Xiaomi, JBL, and Blitzwolf. However, its price has been falling and may already become an interesting choice.

If your focus is on having a very compact TWS headset that's great for calls, the PH297 takes care of it, being an interesting option for business users. The headphones were able to hold on average 2 and a half hours with each charge, taking 1 hour and 20 minutes to be recharged in the box. It is worth noting that the right handset is responsible for connecting to the left and also to your device, so it usually turns off first.

Like most TWS headphones, the PH297 has a single physical button on each handset, responsible for performing all actions during use according to the amount and duration of the touches.

JBL Endurance Dive

Want a swimming headset? JBL Endurance Dive is a good choice. It has a Bluetooth connection as much as the most, but we know that the technology fails underwater. To solve this problem the brand included 1 GB of memory in the handset for playing songs in MP3.

With its IPX7 certification, you'll be able to swim without having your music interrupted. The sound quality is not as good as the others we list, but it also does not disappoint and even delivers a better balance between bass, midrange, and treble than many headphones in this price range.

A highlight is the soundproofing, being one of the best among those we list, as well as the sound leakage, which is minimal. Your microphone is decent, but it is not very suitable for making calls.

The battery is also not strong, coming to yield a maximum of 7 hours. And the recharge time is on average the other, needing 2 hours to reach 100%.

You have Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to connect you to smartphones and other music-listening devices. Latency is one of the highest on the list and is not recommended for watching movies.

220TWS JBL Tune

There is a multitude of headphones inspired by Apple's AirPods. If you're looking for one with the same proposal but is more accessible, JBL's 220TWS can be a good choice. It was recently launched in Brazil and arrived at a much less salty price than apple.

Like every good JBL phone, there's a big appeal in the bass. It comes with Pure Bass technology for firm beats and frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which makes it clear that too many frequencies will not be muffled by bass. In addition, it has 12 mm drivers, an impedance of 32 ohms, and a sensitivity of 105 dB, numbers that point to a good volume.

Tune 220TWS promises 19 hours of combined music playback, three hours away from the charger, and another 16 hours by charging the charging case.

The headphones also offer side buttons for access to commands such as making calls, adjusting music, and activating virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Siri.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The Buds Plus is the second generation of Samsung's in-ear headset that brings some improvements like twice the autonomy while maintaining the design and dimensions of before. Samsung has also released an app for iOS, which allows you to have all the controls present for Android.

With a single charge, you will have 13 hours of music, which is impressive of the small size of the phone. And with the extra charge of the case, it is possible to reach 26 hours of total autonomy.

The sound tends more towards the bass, leaving the songs a little muffled. Anyone who enjoys batidão will like the Galaxy Buds Plus, but if this is not your case, can regulate via equalizer.

The side controls are very sensitive, which can get in the way of listening to music while lying down. It lacked noise cancellation and resistance against water, but overall the new handset from Samsung is a good product, and we even found it a better buy than the rivals Apple and Huawei.

Truck Buds S2 True Wireless Earbuds with 48H Playtime, Fast Charging, 10mm Dynamic Speakers, Quad-Mic ENC, Instant Paring with sliding, 20 EQ Modes via Smart App, 55ms Low Latency, Bluetooth 5.1, IPX4: Electronics

Sony WH-XB700

And here we have one more option of headphones from Sony, this time an on-ear type model. It is part of the extra bass line of the brand and this is precisely its biggest highlight. Of the models on the list is the one that has the greatest appeal in the bass. Whether you're a fan of electronic music or hip hop, this is the phone you're looking for.

Its design and construction are simple for the price charged, but it has to positive be a lightweight and comfortable handset. It does not bring active noise cancellation, but has good sealing, preventing the noise around you from hindering the music experience.

It comes with Google Assistant support and you can trigger the service using the dedicated button on the side of the handset. Its battery lasts an average of 20 hours and accelerated charging is supported that delivers nearly 2 hours of use with a 10-minute charge.

JBL Tune 750BTNC

Tune 750BTNC is another recent bet by JBL in the domestic market. It also has a great focus on bass like sony's WH-XB700 but comes with noise cancellation and costs almost the same.

It is part of the Pure Bassline and with noise cancellation, you will have a clean experience with accurate bass in any environment without being disturbed.

The model delivers an average autonomy of 15 hours of music with noise cancellation enabled. To fill the charge, the handset must be connected to the power source for two hours. JBL also states that the Tune 750BTNC has multi-point connectivity, so you can easily switch between Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Live is the most different from the headset models available on the market. He's not exactly a competitor of galaxy buds plus, because the proposal is another one around here. It may lose out on battery life, but gains in design and comfort. Noise cancellation is not a differential, but it is present.

It's a great phone, with balanced and full-bodied sound, but it doesn't represent a great evolution when compared to Galaxy Buds Plus, for example. The point here is: that it is not so much better than the Buds Plus, having as differentials the comfort, format, and design differences.

Unless the choice is for these factors, or to combine colors with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, there's no reason not to invest yet in Buds Plus or even the first generation buds, which already have much lower prices than launch. Now if the price difference is small, Buds Live may be the best option.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung's latest generation of headphones, the Galaxy Buds Pro is an interesting accessory for those looking for a headset that offers good sound quality, efficient extra features, comfortable design, portability, fast charging, and integration with South Korean handsets.

Not least, the Galaxy Buds Pro was one of the first generations to undergo a study that demonstrates the potential for support for hearing impaired people, which showed the accessory is very close to personal sound amplifiers, thanks to the Ambient Sound function.

Boat Airdopes 121V2 Upto 14 Hours Playback, Lightweight Earbuds, 8Mm Drivers, Led Indicators and Multifunction Controls Bluetooth Truly Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with Mic (Midnight Blue): Electronics


And here we have another Samsung headset, in this case from its subsidiary AKG. The N700 NC is a product with a premium appeal that seeks to deliver high comfort and sound quality without charging a fortune for it.

It is not the only noise canceling on our list, but it is one of the best options in the domestic market for those looking for an over-ear phone. For the price, you can expect control by gestures, but it brings more traditional physical buttons on the sides.

Its highlight is the well-balanced sound, while many on the list tend more towards the bass (especially those of the JBL). It has good sound power and does not distort even when at most. Your sound leak is low and it won't bother anyone close to you.

The battery delivers an average battery life of 20 hours when active noise cancellation is on and reaches 36 hours with the feature off.

Apple AirPods Pro

If there is one point that many headphones still sin it is in noise cancellation and in that the AirPods Pro takes the letter. It uses real-time technology (ANC) also present in some Beats headphones. They are also as comfortable as Samsung's rivals.

The autonomy per charge is not the best, with an average of 5 hours of music, but you can give five more extra charges with the battery of the case, yielding a total of 30 hours on average.

The sound is quite balanced, being one of the best models on our list, besides having the Apple H1 chip that extends the range with iPhones and reduces latency. Those who have Android phones will have limited features.

In our comparison, he almost won the Galaxy Buds Plus, but by costing twice as much and being more limited with Android phones, ended up with worse cost-benefit.

Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony's latest flagship in headphones is the WH-1000XM4. In visuals, it may look a lot like the predecessor XM3. But there are some differences. This has a redesigned arch to offer a more discreet silhouette to the user.

The new model is also thinner and with minimal spacing, to make the most of the body without increasing dimensions. The finish of the handset is matte and unique throughout the piece, which gives an even more premium look.

pron Bassbuds Duo New Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Headphones, 32Hrs Total Playtime, Stereo Audio, Touch Control TWS, Dual HD Mic, Type-C Fast Charging, IPX4 Water-Resistant & Voice Assistance (Black): Electronics

One of the standout technologies is DSEE Extreme, which can upscale low-quality audio only using Artificial Intelligence technology.

In noise cancellation, this accessory promises to reduce external noise by about 20% more than the XM3 in a space like an office or a snack bar. And even on a day-to-day high, you can see the good work done by the phone —if you consider it an over-ear.

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