When is stranger things 4 coming out

The fourth season of Stranger Things is airing on Netflix, already one of the most talked-about topics on social networks, and a marathon of the series will be the program of many people this weekend. 

However, there is one detail that caught the attention of many people, which is the size of the episodes of Stranger Things 4.

The fourth season is by far the one with the longest episodes in the entire series. To get an idea, the shortest episode, which is the third, has 1 hour and 3 minutes. In general, on average, episodes of drama series for television have the classic42 minutes. But there is an explanation for this, and it is not the zeal for technical quality.

A different metric

In linear TV, the metric for audience measurement is the number of televisions connected in a given program. In Brazil, this measurement is made by kantar above, which made the company's name synonymous with audience measurement. Each point in Ibope corresponds to 74,666 devices in Greater São Paulo, a reference region for the advertising market.

But in streaming services, the measurement is by another metric, screen time, or watched hours. This data is vital to the relationship of companies like Netflix for their relationship with investors and search for partners in the advertising market. And as Stranger Things is possibly the platform's most successful series, making it so long can greatly increase the hours assisted for the service as a whole.

Binge-watching incentive

One of Netflix's differentials there at the beginning of its original productions, with House of Cards and Orange, is The New Black, which was considered revolutionary, was the release of all episodes at once. This strategy basically created what was convinced to be called binge-watching, or series marathons, which consists of watching everything at once, something impossible in episodes released weekly on TV.

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