Final Fantasy XVI release date and published new details of Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI release date

The release of each new part of the long-playing Japanese RPG series Final Fantasy is an event. And its sixteenth numbered part, judging by the stories of its creators, promises to be something truly grandiose.

Naoki Yoshida, a producer, shared interesting details of the gameplay and release of Final Fantasy XVI. Gematsu has collected the most interesting of Yoshida's conversations with the press. So:

  • the sixteenth Final Fantasy will do without DLC - the story will be completed;
  • fantasy setting was chosen simply because Creative Business Unit III likes it, nothing more;
  • there will be no open world - the game will be divided into large locations;
  • the protagonist Clive will be accompanied by AI partners throughout the adventure;
  • the story will be epochal and will stretch for decades: gamers will see the main character as a teenager, a 20-year-old young man, and a 30-year-old man;
  • the battles between the Akons (the giant Sammons from the last trailer) are unique, each performed in a different style - one of them even works according to the rules of the shooter;
  • Clive can learn the abilities of the Akon's and use them in battles with ordinary mobs;
  • the game can already be passed from beginning to end, and the authors are engaged in its testing and polishing.

Final Fantasy 16 release date

And finally, Square Enix will release a new trailer in the fall. We recall that the release of Final Fantasy XVI will take place in the summer of 2023. So far, the project has been announced only for the PlayStation 5, but it is likely that later it will be released on other platforms.

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