How-To: New iOS 16 New Edit and Cancel Sent Messages

Apple ios 16 adds some significant new features the most eye-catching feature announced for iOS 16 was the ability to either edit or recall messages.

The most eye-catching feature of iOS 16 announced at WWDC 2022 is the ability to edit or delete messages that have already been sent. This feature provides a way out if you accidentally misspelled a colleague's name, or if you've sent a message to the wrong person. How to use this function is very simple.

iOS 16
iOS 16 

Upgrade to iOS 16

The ability to edit and delete sent messages is only available in iOS 16, so iOS 16 must be installed on your iPhone. iOS 16 will be released in the fall (probably September). If you don't mind running a version that isn't ready for release yet, you can also sign up for Apple's beta software program and use it before the official release. The iOS 16 beta version is now available to regular users as well.

Cancel message sending

Long press on the message box you want to cancel sending to bring up the options menu. If you click ‘Cancel transmission’, the message is deleted from the message window of the recipient and sender.

There is one thing to note. Messages can only be deleted within a maximum of 15 minutes of being sent. Of course, it is also possible to recover deleted messages. According to Apple, messages can be recovered for up to 30 days after deletion.

iOS 16
iOS 16 

Edit a sent message

Instead of deleting all sent messages, it is sometimes efficient to edit only specific words. For example, if you typed a misspelled word in a message you sent, or the word was inappropriately changed by the auto-correction feature. At this point, you can avoid the embarrassment by using the message editing feature of iOS 16.

As with the un send feature, press and hold a sent message until a menu of options appears. When you tap Edit in the menu, the message box turns into an editable state.

By highlighting the word you want to edit and replacing it with the word you want to say, the transmitted text is modified. You'll see a notification at the bottom of the text box that says "Sent - Edited," but the recipient doesn't know what the message was before the edit. You can also edit a message within 15 minutes of sending it.

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