Motorola Moto e32s-Price, Launch Offers, Full Phone Specifications

Motorola moto e32s Let's unbox it. First, we have the phone. Let me just put that aside Next, we have some documentation.


Hi, there guys, hands-on review of the moto e32s. Now here's the box in India. This one is available in two variants. The base pairing is priced at 9000 rupees and comes with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage. The next variant is priced at 10,000 rupees and comes with 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage. It's available in two colors: slate grey and misty silver. We have the 3 GB variant in the grey color. Now Motorola is going to start selling this phone starting on June 6th, at 12 noon on digital reliance digital and Flipkart.

The phone will be available in more than 60,000 stores now. The main highlight of this phone would be its impressive display with a 90hz screen refresh rate, bigger battery, and water-repellent design. This one also comes with two years of assured security updates, which is pretty impressive for a phone in this price segment. So without any further delays, let's have a quick unboxing once again. Here's the box at the top. We've got the moto logo. It says moto e32s on the back. It says sleek and stylish design. There's a preview of the phone and some of the highlights. Let's unbox it. First, we have the phone. Let me just put that aside. Next, we have some documentation. A sim card ejector followed by a 10-watt power adapter, and finally, a USB type-c charging cable. Now, this is the phone. Let me just remove the stickers.

Now, let's take a look at the phone from the back and the front. On the back, we have 2.5-d curved fiberglass with a pretty cool pattern underneath. At the top, we have the triple camera setup followed by the moto logo and the Motorola branding. At the bottom, we have a pretty huge display with a punch-hole design. Above the display, we just have the earpiece and some sensors.

This is how the phone looks with the case on. It has all of the necessary cutouts and can provide some extra grip and basic protection, but not much in terms of drop protection. Here are the full specifications of this phone. On the back, it has a triple camera setup with a 16-megapixel primary camera, a 2-megapixel camera for macro shots, and another 2-megapixel camera for portrait shots for selfies.

Buy Motorola E32s 32GB, 3 GB RAM, Slate Gray, Mobile Phone at Reliance Digital

Technical specifications

And a peak brightness of 300 nits. As for performance, this phone sports a MediaTek g37 processor with power VR ge8320 GPU with up to 8 gigabytes of the ladder for x ram and up to 64 gigabytes of storage. As for the battery department, this phone has a massive 5000mah battery that supports fast-charging up to 15 watts but only comes with a 10-watt power adapter inside the box. Now, this is how the phone looks once we turn it on and set it up. This phone is running pure stock android.

So it's pretty clean with no bloatware. Here's the home screen, this is the app drawer, here's the new notification panel with the Android 12 style, and this is the settings page. Now here's the word page. This one is running Android 12 right out of the box with a minor security patch. As for storage, we get about 21 gigabytes of space for our user apps and user data, which should be sufficient for a normal user. Here's the camera interface. It looks pretty similar to other Motorola phones.

Here's a quick preview of the performance: it's fast and almost unlocks the phone in a second, and you get nice haptic feedback every time you unlock it.

It's pretty decent. I won't say it's good, but it's not horrible. It is definitely usable. We also got the face-to-unlock feature on this phone. In good lighting conditions, it works pretty well. It takes about a second or two at max to unlock the phone. In low lighting conditions, face unlocks works but takes about two to three seconds to unlock the phone. In complete darkness, it's a hit or a mess. It takes about three to five seconds to unlock the phone most of the time. It depends on the lock screen brightness.

Motorola e32s

Moto e32s Cost in India

Now I've used this phone for quite some time and I must say the overall performance of this phone is pretty good for a normal user performance offered by this phone is definitely sufficient and you'll also appreciate that 90-hertz screen refresh rate by the way you also get two years of shared security updates that's one great advantage with this phone so guys to conclude if you're looking for a phone under 10,000 rupees with pure stock android experience good cameras bigger battery then you can definitely consider the moto e32 s  so guys what do you think about this phone if you have any questions do let me know by commenting and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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