Nothing Phone 1 launch date in India is official and we already have a presentation date

Nothing Phone 1 launch date announced. Check the expected features and target.

It is the phone that is called to give a twist to the smartphone concept and all eyes are fixed on it. Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing and co-founder of One Plus, has been dropping details of the terminal for months and assures that it will be "novel".

We've talked a lot about Nothing in the magazine. First for their Nothing Ear 1 headphones that we liked so much. Here is the full analysis. And then because the figure of Carl Pei attracts a lot of attention, in the style of Tim Cook at the time (saving the distances).

After working very well with its TWS headphones, the company said it would launch for the smartphone market since that is where the real business is. His promises attracted a lot of attention and the expectation is high. They promise to change the concept of the mobile phone.

Nothing Phone 1
Nothing Phone 1

And if the possible presentation of nothing Phone 1 was leaked a few weeks ago, now we know that it was wrong, because we have the official confirmation that the company will show the world the phone on July 12.

In a month we will finally know the first phone of Nothing. The company has announced that it will present its second device, the Nothing phone (1), in an event that will take place on July 12 at 5 pm (Spanish time).

"We invite you to forget everything you have learned. And to undo. It all starts with the phone (1). It all starts with Nothing. And with you," they state on their website.

Nothing was formed by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, who left his original company before it merged with Oppo. Given Pei's track record, it's not exactly a surprise that Nothing launches a phone.

However, it wasn't until news broke that Pei was showing a smartphone to industry executives at this year's Mobile World Congress that the idea went from being a possibility to something real.

A recap of what's officially out there:- Recycled aluminum mid-frame ♻️ - Transparent back 🪟 - Wireless charging 🔋 - @Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 🐉 - Bonus: no chin 📐 - Announcement date coming (very) soon⏱️— Nothing (@nothing) May 30, 2022

Finally, Nothing has confirmed that it will introduce its own phone this summer and that it will be equipped with a chipset made by Qualcomm Snapdragon.

It will work with Nothing OS, a modified version of Android that, according to the company, "captures the best features" of the operating system and reduces them "to the essentials."

The platform's interface will feature fonts, colors, design elements, and "bespoke" sounds. Nothing will present the terminal to the public at a live event in London, which will be streamed live on its website.

Nothing to launch Phone (1) will come with Snapdragon and the brand's own interface (

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