Xiaomi 12s ultra-India launch 2022, Full Specs & Review

Xiaomi 12S Ultra uses an AI-powered proximity sensor.

Xiaomi 12s
Xiaomi 12s

Xiaomi has long been scolded for refusing to use traditional proximity sensors in its smartphones. In the new flagships Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition and 12S Ultra, the Chinese company decided not to change traditions, announcing a partnership with the Norwegian firm for the development of software based on AI Elliptic Labs.

These models use a virtual proximity sensor based on artificial intelligence, developed by Elliptic Labs. It is needed so that the smartphone automatically turns off the screen when the user brings the gadget to the ear for a conversation, as well as to prevent accidental presses when the device is in his pocket. Previously, a similar solution from Elliptic Labs was used in Xiaomi 11T. Abandoning the conventional sensor reduces device costs and eliminates possible risks with a shortage of components, which many companies face today.

"Ai Virtual Smart Sensor Platform is a completely software solution that makes devices smarter, more environmentally friendly and more convenient for humans, allowing you to create the best and most innovative designs of smartphones," said the head of the Norwegian company.

Interestingly, Xiaomi hasn't said anything about the 12S and 12S Pro, so there's a chance they use a different solution.

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